Welcome to HamCallsign.com Ham Amateur Radio Callsign Design Studio by  M7WDX


QSL Cards (sampler) POE starting at £4.00 ( $5.00 ) via PayPal


e-QSL Cards (sampler) POE starting at £4.50 ( $6.00 ) via PayPal


Client provides the desired Text Content and Image Content to be displayed on the card.

Layout, Copywriting, Graphix and Photoshop work are available, these may incur an additional

charge dependent on the difficulty / complexity / third party image content for the project.

All content supplied by the client must be copywright free. All this is discussed with the client

before the project is accepted by the studio. Any unexpected or not anticipated issues for the

production will be first discussed with the client before the work is added / commissioned.

All commissioned work produced by the studio carries and Is under studio (C) copyright.

It Is the clients responsible to provide all content unless otherwise agreed to by both the

client and the studio ... in advance of the production. Payment in full is expected before

the release of the completed project.

Mailto:  m7wdx @btinternet.com



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